#4: Walt Disney World

6 - Walt Disney World.jpg

There is a secret place on Walt Disney World property that is open to the public, but very few people know about. It's one of my favorite places, and it's where I recorded this episode.

Photo: The pathway leading to the secret place at Walt Disney World.

#2: Jamestowne

2 - Jamestowne.jpg

This was the first time I ever visited Jamestowne, Virginia, the site of the first permanent English settlement in America. I quickly fell in love with the place.

Photo: The sun sets behind the statue of John Smith, inside the original boundaries of Jamestowne Fort. This is where I recorded this episode.

#1: The Grand Canyon

1 - The Grand Canyon.jpg

This will be the podcast description for the Grand Canyon episode. Possibly two or three sentences.

Photo: Inside the little cave in the Grand Canyon where I recorded this episode.